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We hope you enjoy this utility, and have as much fun using it as we did developing it. If you like it, feel free to encourage us with your comments and remarks. Problems and bug report are also welcome, for both interface version and command-line version.

Important note: Due to the large email traffic in my mailbox, I can not always respond to all questions, unfortunately.

  • HTTrack Forum:
    Visit the HTTrack forum for questions or feedback, and to find useful topics related to your questions (the forum is searchable).

  • Bugs and issues: please check out the bug tracker. Please first ensure the bug has not been reported before, and consider testing the current trunk.

  • Contact:
    Please do not use this address for configuration questions and/or help with mirroring websites, use the forum instead, you'll get much faster replies (and I will probably not be able to reply by mail anyway, due to the high volume in my mailbox). Please also do not contact us regarding problems using derivative works.
    - Xavier Roche Public PGP Key
    Alternative email address (if you have troubles contacting me because of spamfilter):
    xavier01 - at - httrack - dot - com

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    If you want to refer to this website, feel free to use this button:

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